Aligning 60 years of world-renown scientific resources, specialized laboratories and facilities, and subject matter expertise with market-based solutions targeting some of the most complex sustainability challenges of our era.


What We Do...

We align DRI scientists and innovation platforms with private-sector partners to drive the development of market-based solutions.

Partnering with us facilitates:

Conceptualization, incubation, acceleration of DRI applied innovation.
Scaling of data science and technology solutions toward commercialization.
Collaboration and partnership with DRI scientists and scientific capabilities.
Capital and resource investment in DRI emerging technology ventures.

Meet Our Team...

Since 1959, DRI scientists have built a reputation for delivering rapid, high-quality environmental science in a businesslike fashion. 

Working with us offers:

Connections to over 90 Ph.D. faculty working in more than 40 scientific fields.
 Access to over 45 specialized laboratories in Reno and Las Vegas.
Access to a mountain-top observatory and underground lysimeter facility.
Collaboration with DRI's renowned international research partners.