In contrast to the near-term nature of the WINDSTM platform, our emerging climate-modeling platform enables the evaluation resilience and sustainability of built and natural environments in the face of alternate futures.

The disciplines of materials science and architectural and landscape engineering are increasingly considering the utility and durability of building materials, design features, and supporting infrastructure when planning environments that must resist the contextual challenges of a that a changing global climate ma introduce into a region.

Our climate-modeling platform is referred to as Scenario BuilderTM. The beta-version capabilities of the platform enable the import of key building information data streams and other key model inputs. These variables are then dynamically blended with alternate futures models to assess the resilience of a built or natural environment to key climate challenges and interactions.

Given the complexity and cost of large scale built environment projects, the ability to model the interactions between future climate scenarios and the specifications of development projects provide an insightful, high-value risk management tool to complement any thoughtful engineering and design venture.