We align DRI scientists and innovation platforms with private-sector partners to drive the development of market-based solutions, research and product development.

Partnering with us facilitates:

Conceptualization, incubation, acceleration of DRI applied innovation

Scaling of data science and technology solutions towards commercialization

Collaboration and partnership with DRI scientists and scientific capabilities

Capital and resource investment in DRI emerging technology ventures


Weather Intelligence

Uncertainty in weather patterns is a fundamental concern across industries. The risks that accompany extreme weather can challenge business continuity and profitability.

How to mitigate weather risks and optimize business operations?  

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Climate Modeling

With a rapidly changing global climate, the ability to model and visualize complex challenges of resilience and sustainability serves as the basis of risk mitigation strategy.

How to enable business intelligence in resilience and sustainability? 

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Renewable Energy

From incorporating renewable energy into the grid, to modeling energy demand and operating risk in a changing climate, innovation in systems thinking reduces the uncertainty of our energy future.

How to provide the energy sector with technology innovation and business strategy insight?

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